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Sanctuary in Politics Course – Swansea 2023

In November 2023, a group of people with experience of seeking sanctuary in Wales joined together in Swansea to take part in the Sanctuary in Politics course. This incredible group of people brought their unique experiences, skills and talents to the course resulting in an exciting new cohort of Sanctuary Ambassadors.

During the three-day in-person course, the participants learnt about the UK & Wales government, UK media scene, campaigning and much more. Each participant chose a specific area to focus on for their final project. They are now being supported by their mentors to complete their final projects which will be shared during the graduation event in 2024.

The course was supported by Mental Health Foundation who provided each participant with a wellbeing kit and essential tips to looking after their own wellbeing.

The participants were also given the opportunity to speak at Sanctuary in the Senedd, during which they delivered impactful speeches to the Senedd audience. With thanks to Swansea City of Sanctuary, you can read more about the event here.

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