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Get Involved

We need your help to make our vision a reality. The City of Sanctuary movement relies on effective partnership work and making Wales a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ is no different.

Without support from politicians, organisations, community groups, faith groups, businesses and individuals, Wales will not be able to become a ‘Nation of Sanctuary’.

The first step to making our vision a reality is gathering pledges of support. This is where you and your organisation come in!


We invite organisations across Wales with a regional or national footprint to sign up to the ‘Nation of Sanctuary’ vision. This might be a local authority, a health board, a public service, trade union, professional body, voluntary organisation, university or college, or another organisation serving much, if not all, of Wales.

If your organisation agrees with our vision, for Wales to become the first ‘Nation of Sanctuary’, where people seeking sanctuary are met with welcome, understanding and celebration of their contribution to Welsh life, please return a completed pledge form (found below) to [email protected].

Nation of sanctuary pledge form editable
Nation of Sanctuary pledge form welsh editable

We’ll add your organisation to our supporters database, support and celebrate your efforts to contribute to making the Nation of Sanctuary vision a reality, and ensure you receive regular updates via email.

Individuals/Local Organisations and Groups

We encourage individuals and locally-based organisations and groups to be advocates for the Nation of Sanctuary movement. You can do this by encouraging regional institutions to which you are connected to sign up to the Nation of Sanctuary vision. Contact your local council, university or health board to encourage them to get involved.

You can also contribute to the Nation of Sanctuary movement by getting involved in local welcome initiatives or by encouraging your local community to become a place of sanctuary. Visit to find out more.

Why should we support the Nation of Sanctuary vision?

We are in the midst of the largest movement of forced migration since the Second World War, with millions of people across the globe living outside of their home country to find safety. In Wales, we have a proud history of welcoming people seeking sanctuary and their contribution to Welsh life is now evident in our communities. As one sanctuary seeker said at the 2017 Wales: Nation of Sanctuary conference: ‘Wales is a small country, but it has a big heart!’

Thanks to devolved government, we have an opportunity in Wales to do things differently. Wales has a unique identity and has previously been a front-runner in important areas of social justice and global citizenship: the smoking ban in public places, the charge on plastic bags in supermarkets, opt-out organ donation and the world’s first Fair Trade Nation.¬†We already offer free primary and secondary healthcare to asylum seekers and Welsh Government’s policies reflect its commitment to the principle that ‘integration begins on day 1’. We think there is an opportunity to go further and for Wales to be a leader in welcoming refugees and encouraging them to thrive in their new communities.


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